Carefree relaxation with a nice glass of wine at the fireside. That is what the French blacksmith and designer Etienne de Lagarde had in mind when he forged his collection of artisan fireplace accessories and the wine rack for Serax. Objects with a timeless look that give new meaning to the word convenience. And you can take us at our word for that.

  • WOOD CARRIER 48X25 H48

    WOOD CARRIER 48X25 H48


    Recommended retail price:
    € 225.55

  • BLOW POKE 85X8 H3

    BLOW POKE 85X8 H3


    Recommended retail price:
    € 99.55

  • WINE RACK 36X33 H20

    WINE RACK 36X33 H20


    Recommended retail price:
    € 157.50

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