Ann Demeulemeester - Serax at Maniera Brussels


A design object baring the potential of becoming a ceremonial piece


For this years Collectible Week in Brussels, MANIERA teamed up with Thierry Struvay for a presentation of objects designed by Ann Demeulemeester, which will inhabit the furniture world of Studio Mumbai. The objects presented by Demeulemeester are part of her ongoing collaboration with Serax. For this third encounter, Demeulemeester has worked on a series of candle holders, vases, lamps and vase-lamps. The collection has been inspired by a traditional Eastern way of thinking in which simple everyday objects can become meditative entities.

Ann Demeulemeester - Maniera
Maniera & Ann Demeulemeester
Maniera - Ann Demeulemeester

Dé & Ra tableware collections by Ann Demeulemeester - Serax at Maniera Brussels

Ann Demeulemeester - Maniera

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter by Ann Demeulemeester - Serax

Ann Demeulemeester & Maniera

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