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Studio Simple

Studio Simple

Studio Simple

Designer duo Ann Vereecken and Jeroen Worst of Studio Simple love simplicity which is obvious from their first collection of objects they created for Serax. The side table is made of oak and white lacquered iron and looks light and gentle thanks to the rounded forms allowing it to be easily integrated in existing interiors. A small stool, was also designed and forms a nice complement for the side table. The collection has been expanded with a couple of objects such as storage boxes, a wood basket, a candleholder and hat stand. The constant thread in his design is again the simplistic design and the choice of materials. A nice example of home-grown design.

Objects with an everyday character

“Functional objects with a very everyday character, we are delighted to see the beauty in that.” The marriage between Serax and Studio Simple is of the long and very successful kind. Ann Vereecken and Jeroen Worst possess the gift of highlighting the beauty of everyday, almost obvious objects, to add something special to simple things. The list of designs they are adding to their Serax portfolio this year is far from spectacular, but this is precisely what makes them so special – if only because there is a very sustainable idea behind rediscovering the simple things in life.

Studio Simple
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