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Designer Grint
Weight (kg) 0.590000
Colour brass
Material messing
Diameter (cm) 0
Height (cm) 3.5
Length (cm) 13
Width (cm) 11
With the collection of Lost & Found trays by GRiNT for Serax, the inventive duo show that the shapes are literally there for the taking ... provided you actually look for them. From residual materials they have created a black tray, a bowl, and six gold-coloured glasses’ coasters, made of steel and brass, that fit like a puzzle and leave room for puzzlement. Lost & Found by GRiNT for Serax, found objects from materials that were presumed lost.

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Michiel Goethals and Mattias Van Mieghem, the designer duo behind GRiNT, invent unique pieces that radiate a certain youthful freshness and lift every surrounding area to the next level. The innovating and playful hints determine the atmosphere in a room, without taking over. This also applies to the original platters they design for Serax. These are the result of the eternal search for balance between graphics, materials and a passion for craftsmanship. Charles, the collection that was named after the famous French furniture maker André-Charles Boulle, the duo’s source of inspiration, allows cold and warmth flow together, both in the use of colours and materials.

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