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Studio Simple

Studio Simple

Studio Simple

For years, design duo Ann Vereecken and Jeroen Worst have been creating interior concepts for a multitude of clients. And for almost every concept, they crafted complementary objects by hand to give them their very own personal touch. When some of these objects found their way to Serax in 2013, the wheels were set in motion. Under the name Studio Simple - a name that perfectly reflects the duo’s philosophy of creating simple, yet strong, everyday objects that are both logical and beautiful in a timeless way - they have brought to life an ever growing accessory and lighting collection. Never losing track of the main ingredient, ‘simplicity’, and using mostly local resources, Ann works her magic on the aesthetics, while Jeroen mainly focusses on the practical and technical aspects. Together, and with a smooth natural flow, they make simplicity and minimalism liveable, warm and cosy.

Objects with an everyday character

“Functional objects with a very everyday character, we see the beauty in that.” The marriage between Serax and Studio Simple is of the long and very successful kind. Ann Vereecken and Jeroen Worst possess the gift of highlighting the beauty of everyday through almost obvious objects, adding something special to simple things. The list of designs they continue to add to their Serax portfolio is far from spectacular, but this is precisely what makes them so special – if only because there is a very sustainable idea behind rediscovering the simple things in life.

Studio Simple
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