Andrea by Andrea Croonenberghs

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Andrea by Andrea Croonenberghs

Searching for a particular type of side table and not finding it – that was all Andrea Croonenberghs needed to motivate her to sit down at the drawing board herself. “Above all, I wanted to create something more than just an ordinary, everyday table,” says Croonenberghs. An irregular leg, for example, which creates a certain dynamic underneath the tabletop, in a very graphic way. Or extending the table to form a bench, covered in leather, with a wooden surface at one end. “I can see the ANDREA tables fitting into different interior styles, and having various functions. As a coffee table or side table, gracing the hall, the terrace, or a hotel lobby, for example. You can literally and figuratively take this idea in any direction.” The steel frames with removable surfaces can also be used outdoors. The emerald green, ultramarine blue, and white tabletops are interchangeable, so the user's own creative impulses will also be invoked.


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