Base cutlery by Piet Boon

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Base cutlery

Base cutlery by Piet Boon

Piet Boon by Serax Cutlery carries through the same pure and honest characteristics as the previously released successful tableware line: robust and elegant at the same time, rich in simplicity and unique in form. Each spoon, fork, or knife of the 8-piece Piet Boon by Serax Cutlery collection is made from a single piece of premium quality stainless steel.In addition to giving them a sleek, solid look, it also extends a most pleasant sensation. Augment your cutlery with just a couple of pieces, indulge yourself or your loved ones with the exquisite 24-piece giftbox, or go for the ultimate Piet Boon by Serax experience with the silver-plated version. With Piet Boon by Serax, small moments become highlights.

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