Bretelle by Lens Arch

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Bretelle by Lens Arch

In his small fisherman’s home on the Belgian coast, Bart Lens, founder of LENS°ASS, architect, designer, artist and rationalist and master in finding creative solutions to making optimal use of scarce space, invented a new way of creating a visual partition between a living environment and the world outside: Bretelle, a number of copper shelves that can be hung in front of the window with suspenders, and filled with greenery. The stable trays of Bart’s Bretelle are suitable for carrying several plants and creating an opulent and botanical atmosphere. The basic colouring, the shape, and the primary materials make the Bretelle blend in with every style. The smooth leather harness provides a special tactility, the original suspender detail a visual wink. With Bretelle, you move the garden indoors, even if you are not a keen gardener! The possibilities are endless, the result completely personal!

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