Collar by Felix Roobrouck

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Collar by Felix Roobrouck

For young designer Felix Roobrouck, his internship at Serax could be described as a dream come true. Roobrouck presented one of his exam projects to CEO Axel Van Den Bossche, who immediately saw its potential for Serax. The Collar lamp is a mood light, to be placed on the floor of your home to welcome your guests with a warm, indirect light. The lamp’s typical cone shape is inspired by the white collar you sometimes see on unfortunate dogs after a visit to the vet. Apart from this amusing resemblance, the Collar lamp is above all a straightforward matt powder-coated steel object. The finish on the inside is shiny, which provides an attractive reflection of light. The Collar lamp is available in two sizes (Ø 400 mm and Ø 200 mm), and the larger version is dimmable. Both lamps can also be mounted on the wall.


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