Discus by Pepijn Tyvaert

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Discus by Pepijn Tyvaert

If well begun is half done, then a bright future lies ahead for Pepijn Tyvaert. After all, Tyvaert has not even graduated yet, and has already won the design competition that Serax organised in collaboration with the Belgian magazine Weekend Knack. He achieved this with DISCUS, a multifunctional steel clothes rack. This rack is equipped with discs on which users can leave their daily trinkets: from a bunch of keys and sunglasses to scarves, belts, watches and jewellery. You know, those little things for which you never really find a good place. “As an object, I find a clothes rack much more interesting than a closet,” says Tyvaert, who did not have a specific location in mind for the DISCUS when he designed it. “I can see it working both in a student room and in a loft, but just as well in a hotel room or a restaurant.”


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