FCK Tableware by Frédérick Gautier

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FCK Tableware

FCK Tableware by Frédérick Gautier

By combining water, clay and sand, man was able to invent mortar, cement and concrete. These elements of our daily life and our homes, stem from the unprocessed material. Made from cement stoneware or earthenware, these “La T” teapots, called “Concrete Teapots,” are a tribute to architecture and the materials that have enabled humanity to survive. Concrete refers to the rough appearance of those materials invented by man and to the nostalgia of times spent in those interiors with which they are decked out. They are designed with respects for their primitive imperfections which are as much due to formal hazards as they are to poetic pitfalls. Every teapot's micro-architecture is based on elementary shapes: cylinders, trunks, cubes, cones, discs.


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