FCK lighting by Frédérick Gautier

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FCK lighting

FCK lighting by Frédérick Gautier

It was a trip to Beirut and a meeting with Karim Chaya from Spockdesign and Liza Soughayar, the owner of the Lebanese restaurant Liza in Paris, which inspired Frédérick Gautier to create the CUBE lamp. "Beirut is a city of urban chaos, under full reconstruction. We were charmed by the brutalist EDL building, the headquarters of ‘Lebanon's Electricity’ and the tiles with an optical illusion cube pattern in perspective," says Gautier, who created the CUBE floor/table lamp where a corner is literally missing. This missing corner ensures that the lamp’s beam of light can be directed sideways towards a wall. CUBE was originally released as a limited edition for collectors, but Serax is now bringing it into production.


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