Hang it by Nathalie Teugels

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Hang it

Hang it by Nathalie Teugels

‘Form follows function’ is the common thread that runs through all of Nathalie Teugels’ designs. Over and over again, she starts from a certain need in an interior, or a certain function, to subsequently shape it. The need for the ‘Hang it’ arose in her own living room this time, from her love, or rather collector’s mania, for magazines that often landed – unread – on a forgotten pile in a corner. Thus, the idea of a magazine hanger emerged, integrated into a side table: comfortable, beautiful and tidy. Form follows function. The shape of the Hang it followed naturally: rectangular, like the shape of a magazine, so that it can easily be hung. The steel frame is minimalistic and simple; the milled sheet can be moved, or even placed in the lower part of the frame, so that both its look & feel can be changed at will. The colours are basic, black white and green marble, allowing the Hang it to become one with any interior.


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