Japanese vases by Denis Guidone

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Japanese vases

Japanese vases by Denis Guidone

Italian designer Denis Guidone likes to draw his inspiration from Japanese art, which he then brilliantly merges with Western influences. Following the success of his iconic Iki Dolls vases, which pursue a traditional Japanese aesthetic of style and elegance, Denis has based his second collection for Serax on the ancient Japanese arts bonseki and ikebana, miniature landscapes with gardens, hills and mountains and 'living' flower arrangements. As with the Japanese ‘ikebana’ art of flower arrangement, the game of lines, rhythm and colour is central to the Komrebi vases of Denis Guidone. The borosilicate glass plays with the light, creating a special optical effect. The delicate forms express an invitation to add an abundance or just a simple touch of colour with a single flower or a well-orchestrated sequence of natural elements. At first sight, the Bonseki vases appear to be three separate pieces, but the hand-blown vases are actually merged into a magically balanced unity. In this Japanese art form, everything revolves around the sensation of peace and satisfaction that you feel when creating a natural landscape. With this collection of Bonseki and Komrebi vases, Denis Guidone and Serax invite you to create your personal ikebana arrangement or miniature flower landscape.

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