Meal X3 by Merci

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Meal X3

Meal X3 by Merci

Where the previous tableware collection by Merci, ‘La Nouvelle Table’, embodies a large variety of smaller dishes and plates for sharing food with your dinner guests, the designers now go for the very essence with their MEAL x 3 collection. Because a dinner table can go without a knife, fork, dish, or plate. But without a bowl and spoon things could become complicated. Bowl food is ‘hot’ these days. From Oriental udon dishes through bowls filled with daily fresh seafood and vegetables to the comforting warmth of delicious soup. Or even your daily morning cereals. In short: plenty of opportunities! Moreover, Merci’s different bowls are sure to spark off some additional culinary inspiration. The MEAL x 3 stoneware collection includes spoons and bowls in three shapes, colours and sizes, with the smallest bowl offering the perfect receptacle for your tea for example. The mixing & matching of colours, shapes, sizes, and – of course – ingredients is entirely up to you.


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