Take Time cutlery by The Boxy's

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Take Time cutlery

Take Time cutlery by The Boxy's

A tableware line also requires cutlery …. At an exhibition, they saw a very original cutlery set, a work of art by the West-Flanders artist, DD Trans, who ‘recreates’ inconspicuous everyday objects we usually do not deem worthy of a second glance. Moreover, he adds an additional dimension and elevates them into fine art. However, making such cutlery with a silver coating suitable for daily use proved to be a daunting task. After two years of searching and experimenting, Serax succeeded in developing a stainless-steel cutlery collection with knives, spoons and forks that look as if they are made of aluminium foil, while in reality they are extremely solid and surprisingly heavy. Bold and unarguably unique. And thus, guaranteed to be the talk of the moment at any dinner table.

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