Vases by Patrick Paris

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Vases by Patrick Paris

Meet: the Broquaine Vase. Little brother of the Broquaine Lamp. And like its accessory ‘sibling’, it is a celebration of the reintroduction of the unique, the personal in serial production. Every beat of the hammer makes the vase different. It is an idea that fascinates Patrick Paris, just like the fact that you can create a new product through a destructive action. Where the concrete has cracked is where the grain is revealed. Every time that little bit different. Sure, a vase has to be beautiful in itself, but at the same time, it should also be the vessel that showcases the flowers in it. For this reason, the designer opted for a simple shape and hard lines. To give unambiguous expression to the juxtaposition of rough concrete and delicate flower stems. There is no doubt about it: every Broquaine Vase is a pure, original object.

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