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Louis de Limburg

Louis de Limburg

Louis de Limburg

After completing his studies at ENSAV La Cambre University College in Brussels, Louis de Limburg (1962) mastered the tricks of the trade during an internship at Axel Enthoven’s prestigious IDEA Industrial Design studio in Antwerp, and working for various other studios and research institutes. In addition to running his studio, Stirum Design, Louis has been working as a teacher in industrial design at the CAD College of Advertising & Design in Brussels since 2017. Louis de Limburg is a jack-of-all-trades. He takes to table art like a duck to water, but clocks, sanitary ware, goldsmithery, lighting, and, of course, furniture also complete his portfolio. With his projects 'Monsieur Cruchot' and 'Cast', Louis is writing the opening chapters in his story with Serax, a story that is definitely to be continued ...

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