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Designer Patrick Paris
Weight (kg) 28.100000
Colour white
Material concrete
Cable Length 3.000000
Class I No
Class II Yes
Bulb Type E27
Maximum Voltage (V) 240
Maximum Wattage (W) 25
Diameter (cm) 0
Height (cm) 35
Length (cm) 50
Width (cm) 50
In his distinctive style, French designer Patrick Paris plays a cat and mouse game with the function of the object. Flat on the table, cupboard or floor, the Eaunophe lamp just looks like a sturdy, solid concrete sculpture in the shape of a lampshade. But as soon as you slightly tilt the lamp, a warm and diffused light emerges from under the hood.

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Patrick Paris

Patrick Paris

Patrick Paris

Patrick Paris is completely self-educated as a designer, and according to him this is precisely one of the aspects that give his work such characteristic individuality. A second element is his passion for concrete, so heavy, yet still fragile, so cold, yet also very delicate, so unlikely ... Experimenting with the shades of colour and the effects of the material, Patrick creates surprising, enigmatic objects that do not always reveal their primary function at first glance. They are objects that challenge their original purpose with absurd ergonomics or with their surprising forms. Together with Serax, Patrick Paris aims to evince a bit of austerity for a world totally obsessed with comfort. And what better way to do this than with a wink and a nod?

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