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Piet Boon

Piet Boon

Piet Boon

Dutch designer Piet Boon started in the business as a contractor. In 1983 he founded Studio Piet Boon, which has evolved into a globally operating exterior, interior, product design studio, recognised for creating perfectly balanced designs. The partnership of Studio Piet Boon and Serax reflects a shared attention to detail and commitment to delivering perfection. Merging design and functionality resulted in sophisticated ranges of high quality tablecare, including glassware and matching cutlery, cookware, vases, flower pots and interior accesserories.

An ever expanding universe

Following the successful Base tableware series, the AM-PM scented candles and diffusers were the second product line that Studio Piet Boon developed in cooperation with Serax. In 2018 an entire high performing Base cookware series followed and more recently Studio Piet Boon created Volumes and Shapes, two sophisticated lines of pottery and vases.

Piet Boon
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