Serax was partner of VISION 2017, an inspirational event by Food Inspiration & Leadersclub Belgium. This year’s theme ‘Pay Attention’ echoed through the entire event.

In the food service of the future, every last detail needs attention. Why? Because the world is changing, the economy is transforming, and society is shifting. A new era has begun. An era in which we are bombarded with successive (r)evolutions. No more sitting back, no more standing by, and no more half-truths.

There’s no more room for the fake, the unreal, the unhealthy or the untrue. Successful concepts, companies, brands, and menus of the future are based on attention, down to the tiniest details. Key words: transparent, open, sincere, truthful, upright, and inspiring.

Attention makes everything better and more beautiful. So let's pay attention!

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