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Starry rain at Michelin. The Belgian top gastronomy has been rewarded in the 2018 selection of the culinary guide. Three restaurants get a second star and thirteen restaurants show off with a first star. Hof Van Cleve and Hertog Jan keep their three Michelin stars. At the gala dinner  Gert De Mangeleer and Jochim Boudens, from Hertog Jan, provided the menu. They presented all their dishes on Serax tableware collections such as Terrs de Reves by Anita Le Grelle, Surface by Sergio Herman and S.Pellegrino by Charles Kaisin.

But behind these top chefs, young talents clearly work very hard on their career as well. Boury (Roeselare), Vrijmoed (Ghent) and La Source (Neerharen) are rewarded with a second star. "These chefs have gained a lot of maturity in the recent years," says Michael Ellis, international director of Guide Michelin. "They have the talent to create their signature on dishes, and thanks to their technique and creativity, they know how to sublimate products and bring them into perfect balance."

Thirteen restaurants will be awarded one star for the first time in this 2018 selection. It is striking that Zet'Joe by Geert Van Hecke (Bruges), The Fork of Luc Bellings (Hasselt) and Chambre Séparée of Kobe Desramaults (Ghent) immediately scored a star. These top chefs serve their typical dishes at new locations or score with a completely new concept.