For his seventh in situ project ’Tokonoma’ the French artist Frédérick Gautier occupied the roof of the Paris headquarters of the French communist party for eight months.

The objects for Frédéric Gautier’s in situ exhibitions are not only inspired by the location where they are displayed, they are also created on site. In order to become one with his surroundings and to fully empathise with them, the French designer moves his studio to the location for a short period. For Tokonoma, the seventh edition of the project, he installed himself on the roof of the Oscar Niemeyer building in Paris, the headquarters of the French communist party. The exhibition can be visited from 4 to 13 May 2018.

FCK – Tokonoma Project (In Situ 7)

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The goal of my in situ projects is always to create a unique, everyday object, and then multiply it. As a micro-echo of the architecture, the walls, the roof and, in this case, the seagulls that regularly visited me while I was at work.

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Brutalism, concrete and an austere combination of waves and lines are not only characteristic of the Niemeyer building, they are also the common thread in Tokonoma. On the roof, the objects stand guard like concrete gulls with their wings spread, while in the hallway to the conference room, they are meticulously lined up, ready to take flight. The building itself is conceived as a tokonoma, an alcove in a Japanese reception or tea room where ornamental objects are on display. With Frédérick Gautier’s micro-architecture, the building exhibits a myriad of its own reflections, both inside and out.


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Tokonoma also includes works from his previous exhibitions. Visitors will also come across the industrial concrete Vases à arroser from the FCK collection for Serax, inspired by the floating bollards in the locks of the canals in Paris. And also his sandstone and weathering steel Bau vases, for which Frédérick harks back to the Bauhaus architecture in the streets of Tel Aviv. With this vase you can highlight a single flower or create floral abundance by joining several elements, like an architectural structure. 

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Until 27 April 2018 Frédérick Gautier can be seen at work in his temporary studio every weekday from 10h00 to 19h00. Viewing his 'work in progress' is only possible upon appointment via