The Belgian artist and designer of the Perfect Imperfection collection for Serax and the Spanish culinary Roca brothers write gastronomic history together.
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Roos van de Velde / El celler de can Roca

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Three brothers, three unique talents, fused into an unprecedented culinary trinity. El Celler de Can Roca, Joan, Josep, and Jordi Roca's three-starred restaurant in Spanish Girona, has been ranked in the top three of the world's best restaurants for years. Their love and passion for gastronomy play first fiddle in their exclusive creations, always combined with undertones of exceptional artistry and a profound respect for Nature. Characteristics we also see in Roos Van de Velde, the Belgian artist and designer of the Serax collection 'Perfect Imperfection'. After her first meeting with the brothers, it immediately became apparent that this was a match made in heaven. An encounter that would not only lead to the unique handmade Rock collection for the starred restaurant, but it would also crown her work with a leading role in the artistic opera film 'El Somni' by Franc Aleu and El Celler de Can Roca.

The rocky landscape of the area around El Celler de Can Roca and the name Roca, the Spanish word for 'rock', offered a rewarding source of inspiration for Roos Van de Velde's Rock collection.
In order to create the same rocky texture and imperfection, Roos used the irregular surface of broken rocks as a basis for shaping the plates. Every single plate is unique and handmade, from the large 'Pacha Mama' plate on which the waiters skilfully balance the smaller rock or harp-shaped plates and bowls, to the triangular cups symbolising the unity of the brothers. The production process was quite a bumpy ride: it would take the unique Rock tableware four years to find its way to the brothers' culinary masterpieces. But the result is without a doubt deserving of another star when it comes to the creation of perfect imperfection.


The best way to describe the film El Somni (The Dream) would probably be as ‘an opera in a dozen courses and a banquet in a dozen acts’. A journey through the world of ideas, imagination and the creativity of artists from various artistic disciplines. In the prelude we see a clear soup waltzing by in Roos Van de Velde’s ‘hand bowls’, while for the main course Roos has created twelve unique rose petal-shaped plates with a wide range of porcelain accessories such as sticks, a flower cup, rose petals and spoons. In the closing scenes of the opera, a new book opens, in the form of a porcelain dessert plate by Roos with EL SOMNI on the cover. El Somni’s book may have reached its final chapter, the story of Roos Van de Velde will undoubtedly be continued ...


Photography by Natalie Leenders