S.Pellegrino, Serax, David Martin and Charles Kaisin join forces. Unique ‘modular’ tableware collection in four colours and textures. For the restaurant industry, but also exclusively available for the semi-professional home chef.
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The sky is the limit. Top designer Charles Kaisin, Michelin-starred chef David Martin, water brand S.Pellegrino and Serax were only too happy to observe this to the letter. Their combined insights, experience, not to mention talents, has resulted in a ‘modular’ porcelain tableware collection with ‘international starlike airs’ that literally places the dishes on a pedestal. As a top chef, or as semi-professional home chef, you can play for ever with the various combinations of height and size, in four inviting colours, to transform the table into an enticing culinary landscape. With this exclusive tableware collection S.Pellegrino takes the next step in their role as trusted partners to the gastronomy industry.

S. Pellegrino by Charles Kaisin for Serax

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Charles Kaisin and David Martin brainstormed for a year on the design of the S.Pellegrino tableware collection. This has resulted in a minimalistic and sleek design, coupled with great functionality and an infinite range of possibilities. The magnesium porcelain tableware includes a wide variety of plates, under-plates, bowls and dishes, from small to large and from low to high. And all this in four different colours and finishes: matte black, clear white, shiny gold and sky blue. The unique San Pellegrino water glass completes the collection in its own unique and appropriate way.

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About Charles Kaisin

Belgian architect and designer Charles Kaisin trained in Brussels, Paris, London and Kyoto. He has a strong predilection for recycling, geometry and movement. The objects created display a contemporary design and a unique identity.
The work of Charles Kaisin revolves around three axes: object design, architecture and scenography. This makes him versatile and enables him to keep expanding his creative spectrum. Charles Kaisin works with exclusive brands such as Hermès, Rolls-Royce, Delvaux, Ice-Watch, Vange and Pierre Marcolini. He has realised numerous projects in Europe, the US, Asia and Morocco, where he designed the Almaha hotel. Charles is known for his surrealistic dinners, which assume an international dimension in the world of luxury and art. With his tableware creation for S.Pellegrino and Serax he pays homage to creativity in the field of food and design. This tableware creation will also be used for his surrealistic dinners to guarantee a total food experience.



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About David Martin

David Martin is the chef and owner of Michelin-starred restaurant La Paix* in Brussels. His style encompasses the Belgian microcosm: warm and undoubtedly daring, generous and refined, subtle and powerful, deeply local and open to the world.
David Martin is a true S.Pellegrino ambassador. In 2016, for example, he mentored Andrea Miacola, winner of S.Pellegrino Young Chef Benelux, during the S.Pellegrino Young Chef world finals in Milan. David Martin has been working with Serax for more than ten years. His dishes have already been served on the Serax tableware collections by, among others, Roos Van de Velde and Pascale Naessens. And starting in June 2018, you will be able to admire, feel, and experience the S.Pellegrino tableware at La Paix*.


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About S.Pellegrino 

S.Pellegrino is an icon of style and sophistication on the best tables in the world. The source for the mineral water is a spring in the heart of the Orobic Alps in Italy. The properties of the water were known as far back as the thirteenth century. Even Leonardo da Vinci visited the source. In the late 1800s, the springs of the village of San Pellegrino in northern Italy became a popular tourist attraction. The demand for water rose, which led to water being bottled for the first time in 1899. The Sanpellegrino company was born. Today, S.Pellegrino water represents superb food, convivial dining, Italian finesse and, of course, the good life.
Appreciation for its light minerals and balance has not diminished with the years. Enriched by its history and complementary properties, S.Pellegrino is the preferred mineral water in the world of fine dining.
S.Pellegrino is the preferred water for the most renowned sommeliers, chefs and food experts as the water to enjoy next to wine, and to enhance specific culinary combinations. This decision shows that water also has a characteristic task, partly due to its organoleptic identity and the journey it takes during its life span. And last but not least, thanks to the care with which it is stored, bottled and offered.


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About Serax

Serax extends to your guests a warm and special welcome by adding individuality and a convivial atmosphere to your entrance hall and rooms, and by ensuring unforgettable moments at the dining table.
To enhance your guests’ customer experience, we rely only on the most passionate designers and artists from all over the world who put their heart and soul into their creations.  
From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, our tableware collections and accessories are manufactured by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. All of our collections are unique for their shapes, materials and style. Serax … to experience, to share, and to discover.


Photos of the press launch