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Charles Kaisin

Charles Kaisin

Charles Kaisin

Belgian architect and designer Charles Kaisin trained in Brussels, Paris, London and Kyoto. He has a strong predilection for recycling, geometry and movement. The objects created display a contemporary design and a unique identity. The work of Charles Kaisin revolves around three axes: object design, architecture and scenography. This makes him versatile and enables him to keep expanding his creative spectrum. Charles Kaisin works with exclusive brands such as Hermès, Rolls-Royce, Delvaux, Ice-Watch, Vange and Pierre Marcolini. He has realised numerous projects in Europe, the US, Asia and Morocco, where he designed the Almaha hotel. Charles is known for his surrealistic dinners, which assume an international dimension in the world of luxury and art. With his tableware creation for S.Pellegrino and Serax he pays homage to creativity in the field of food and design. This tableware creation will also be used for his surrealistic dinners to guarantee a total food expert.

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