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  1. Sicily by Ottolenghi 4 items
  2. Earth interior by Marie Michielssen 23 items
  3. Marie by Marie Michielssen 33 items
  4. Pure Interior by Pascale Naessens 19 items
  5. Wind & Fire by Marie Michielssen 14 items
  6. Metal sculptures interior by Antonino Sciortino 38 items
  7. Cose by Bertrand Lejoly 18 items
  8. Wave by Ruben Deriemaeker 5 items
  9. Carnet de Voyages by Bela Silva 9 items
  10. Silex by Sylvain Willenz 6 items
  11. Terres de rêves interior by Anita Le Grelle 31 items
  12. Bois de rond by Luc Vincent 2 items
  13. Bubblebubble by Morris Marigo 1 item
  14. Charles by Grint 6 items
  15. Cocooning by Studio Fréderique 8 items
  16. Daysign interior by Studio Simple 4 items
  17. Edison by Catherine Grandidier 3 items
  18. FCK interior by Frédérick Gautier 10 items
  19. Glass domes by Serax 6 items
  20. Glass vases by René Barba 2 items
  21. Glass vases by Serax 9 items
  22. Gold by Giorgio Bonaguro 1 item
  23. Home Fragrance & Scented Candles by Serax 2 items
  24. Hurricanes by René Barba 5 items
  25. Japanese vases by Denis Guidone 8 items
  26. Kiki by Kiki Van Eijck 4 items
  27. Le Petit Photophore béton by Patrick Paris 2 items
  28. Ligne carrée by Loïc Willemot 3 items
  29. Marie tealights by Marie Michielssen 2 items
  30. Mirrors by Bea Mombaers 2 items
  31. Novecento interior by Ontwerpduo 1 item
  32. Perfect Imperfection interior by Roos van de Velde 7 items
  33. Porcelain vases by Serax 2 items
  34. Roma by Giorgio Bonaguro 3 items
  35. RUR:AL Interior Accessories by Anita Le Grelle 3 items
  36. Shapes by Piet Boon 3 items
  37. Stationary by Serax 1 item
  38. Tealight holders by Serax 5 items
  39. Trays by Bea Mombaers 2 items
  40. Trays by Serax 1 item
  41. Vases & decoration for flowers by Moniek Vanden Berghe 1 item
  42. With love from nature by Eva Claessens 15 items

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Héléna by Marie Michielssen 

The five new vases in dark brown, almost black stoneware are Marie Michielssen’s first steps as a ceramist. Anyone who follows her work will know that Marie likes to work with her hands. Earlier, she said that modelling with plaster and paper-mâché was like a form of meditation for her because of the repetitive nature of the actions. Therefore, the step towards ceramics was not so big.

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Unique simplicity


The simple cylinders are irregularly shaped, the hallmark of artisanship. Thanks to their unique character, they are decorative with or without flowers.

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Kiki by Kiki van Eijk


Vases & decoration for flowers by Moniek vanden Berghe

Vases & decoration for flowers
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