Q & A with Sylvain Willenz


We were curious...


Are you a city or nature person?
I’m definitely a nature and outdoors person. I like to go into the city once in a while, it gives me some buzz and ideas, and I love to travel, do citytrips, but in my everday life, I do love the calm of nature. Southwest France by preference for its mountains, lakes and views.

What makes you intensely happy?


My kids and family. They make me laugh and smile everyday. Moments of creativity. And also my personal design and ceramic works.

What is always on your bedside table?


Pen and paper in case I need to sketch an idea in the night. You don’t want to miss that moment when your brain goes wild.

I would like to have more time for...

... my ceramics and artworks.

But I’m working on creating that time.


Silex by Sylvain Willenz

"For me, the design of the SILEX vases was an important study in form. When you look at the vases from above, they are not really cylinders, nor are they squares. The faceted corners are in stark contrast to the curves of the glass. Not an easy shape to make in glass. It takes a lot of lung power to get the sufficient amount of glass up against those faceted corners. This is an additional difficulty you don’t face with round shapes.”

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