Time to go back to his roots, back to iron. He moved to Milan, where he started working with iron wire, because it was easy to work with. He manipulated it in a crescendo of graceful, dancing lines into true masterpieces.

In addition to his own artwork, Antonino also creates interior objects and furniture, such as the Terrazzo tables, created with a recognisable eclectic craftsmanship and with the unmistaken signature of this creative and imaginative Sicilian.

At a young age, Antonino Sciortino was often found at his brother’s forge, where he was immersed in the craft of ironwork. He spent the rest of his free time at the dance school, where he would lay the foundations for a successful career as a dancer and choreographer. In 2003 he was approaching his forties and his body was increasingly sending signals that it was time to think of a life away from dancing.

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