With her cactus vase collection, Serax’ house designer Marie Michielssen has scored a hit. The cheerful, quirky vases – crafted from traditional ceramics – add colour, texture and a touch of exoticism to any interior. Their design allows you to add a personal touch, awakening the designer within, and making your very own artistic statement. The vibrant colour and striking silhouette of the cactus vases immediately catches the eye. As stand-alone decorative items, or mixed and paired with other sizes and shapes in the range of six different cactuses, you can add a lively and characterful note to your home décor, scoring your own design hit. 

Cactus Vases

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Marie Michielssen studied graphic design and in 1995, she founded her own company. The first thing she did was to buy a lot of flower pots, which she then painted and patinated. The decorative flower pots were a hit and practically overnight, the team grew to 5 ladies. During her search for a wholesaler who could distribute her collection, she came across Serax. It did not take her long to find the creative boost to start designing other things too. She has been doing so for more than 20 years now, and that for two collections per year. Her designs are not only characterised by using graphic prints, but also by a preference for materials with a soul, like porcelain, paper, canvas …