Le Pont de l’Orme is a project by ten Belgian entrepreneurs, including Serax’ CEO Axel van de Bossche, who needed a B&B with a cosy restaurant in their favourite holiday destination Malaucène, in the foothills of Mont Ventoux in French Provence. 
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More info: www.pontdelorme.com


Published in Condé Nast Traveler of March 2018 http://www.cntraveller.com/article/travel-guide-provence

They bought a property, renovated it, and with a mix of Provencal terracotta tiles, pristine white walls, a lot of Serax, and a touch of vintage, interior designer Bea Mombaers transformed Le Pont de l’Orme into a trendy, airy B&B. At the restaurant, both locals and holidaymakers can enjoy the most delicious and affordable top-quality regional cuisine, with – naturellement – a matching French wine.