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This tableware collection, bearing the appropriate name ‘Love to Share’, is based on the principle of shared dining. This immensely popular, yet quite new way of serving food within the Dutch and Belgian catering industry invites guests to share a dish with each other. This can be done by eating from the same plate, or taking food from a shared plate and putting it on your own plate, eating with your hands from a shared plate better known as ‘finger food’ –, and so on …


The shapes and the materials of ‘Love to Share’ are pure, natural and handy. The collection consists of two parts: a base made of dark, firm cork (at different heights) and a smoothly finished porcelain plate (in different sizes). Not only is the combination of the differences in height and size of the base and plate a feast for the eye, the fact that the different parts are unattached also brings the plate, and with it all the different food, closer to the person eating it, which greatly increases the dining experience. The whole thing is a unique way of dining.

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In addition to the Love to Share tableware collection, and to complement the robust materials and the natural appearance of the restaurant, a series of leather placemats has been designed for the collection. These sturdy table protectors in different colours and sizes can be used in a variety of ways. A table should not be hidden under a pile of tablecloths, table runners, and huge underplates. With these stylish placemats, the appearance of a beautiful table remains intact.

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Serving trays

Because the sharing tableware consists of different parts (the base with the plate on top of it), a matching serving tray has been especially designed to enable serving the different parts of the tableware at the same time. The serving trays, available in different sizes and colours, complete the concept – from the kitchen to the table. 

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Blanc Spoons:


The Blanc spoons from Niels Datema,        derived from his original product ‘Bread Spoons’ but than entirely made out of porcelain. There is a fine texture-difference between the handle and the cup of the spoons. With the Porcelain spoons he have tried to indicate and emphasize the multi-applicability so you can use them by your own interpretation.

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Copper glasses

Modern, vintage,… or simply beautiful. These glasses & carafe with copper sleeve, designed by Niels Datema, are the perfect blend between use of materials and functionality. An eyecatcher on your table thanks to the distinctive use of copper and perfect to have for a nice aperitive or a delicious fresh juice.

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The design of a product is important, but the story behind the product defines the character. As a designer, Niels Datema relies on minimalistic design and simple lines combined with distinctive materials. He applies his work to the world of gastronomy, challenging himself to create unique and innovative products, and enhancing the experience of beautifully presented cuisine.