A free, contemporary, joyful and gipsy way of life, a passion for friendly objects that immediately blend with any interior, and an instinct for turning everyday things into something new and special. These are the main ingredients for the inspiration behind Paola Navone’s Fish&Fish furniture collection for Serax.

Freedom. No rules. No restrictions

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This idea has resulted in a collection of seats and side tables, made completely of white lacquered metal with a fishbone motif. Light and continuous lines are shaped into objects that give you the impression of having been drawn in the air. The seats have soft, loose cushions that complement the airy look and laid-back feel of the furniture.

Freedom. No rules. No restrictions. Paola Navone’s Fish&Fish furniture collection builds on these characteristics. The objects can be used both indoors and outdoors, one piece as stand-alone furniture, or the full collection all together. They can remain all white, be combined with striped cushions, or even be entirely customised to your liking. Lightweight and easy to move about, you can, if you like, have a different interior with the changing of the tide.

The collaboration between Paola Navone and Serax came about purely by chance. They met, and they immediately hit it off. They just couldn’t wait to combine the Italian designer’s Mediterranean spirit with the poetic ‘savoir faire’ of Serax’ Frank and Axel. All the ingredients for new creative adventures were there. And the roads leading to more adventures remain wide open.

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