Earth by Marie Michielssen


A profound love of paper and prints


A profound love of paper and prints and the reuse of materials inspired Serax' house designer Marie Michielssen to create a series of characteristic lamps and pots in papier-mâché. The common thread in this collection is Nature, the earth in its most rudimentary form. Averse to all modern machine-driven techniques, Marie models each individual piece manually from recycled paper, elevating the release from the chains of perfection into a new art form.

Earth sculptural lamp

Earth pots

Just as Nature does in its creations


Tall and narrow, or small and round, with large or small handles – of which the one may be a little lower than the other – no mug in the papier-mâché collection of Marie Michielssen is the same. The clearly visible rough structure of the material, the reddish brown, black and light grey 'primordial’ colours and the manually stippled prints reinforce the individuality of each pot with all its imperfections, just as Nature does in its creations.


Earth lamps


For the papier-mâché lamps, Marie creates an innovative visual print by playing with volumes. The light finds its way out through a framework with a well thought-out linear structure. The unique, traditional character is not only reflected in the prints, but also in the shapes and colours. In the light, natural colour of the papier-mâché or in warm soothing earth tones, hanging or standing, the papier-mâché lamps by Marie Michielssen for Serax enrich the light and atmosphere of any interior.


Earth laundry basket

A visual language shifting towards the sculptural

New collection


This time around, Marie Michielssen, who likes to play with shapes and proportions until they please the eye, decided to tackle the sphere. She deconstructed it to create a lamp that adds ambience, while the light source remains invisible. The paper mâché adds to the poetic vibe, creating an object that holds the middle between art and design. A boundary that is often blurred in Marie’s work.

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