Terres De Rêves by Anita Le Grelle


Anita's second breath


“I have five children. When my last child left home a few years ago to study in England, I suddenly had heaps of time, and for the first time I could focus entirely on my work.” In 2013, decided to dismantle one of her older artworks. From the clay she retrieved, she made a mould in the shape of a small bowl. The bowl became a plate, which in turn became a dish ... Before she knew it, Terres de rêves had become a successful line of tableware. Year after year, the line has been further expanded with a range of kitchen, table and bathroom accessories, vases, herb pots, and lamps.

anita le grelle

Her studio in Brussels

Terres De Rêves by Anita Le Grelle

Giving shape to her dream world


The energetic Anita Le Grelle spends up to twelve hours a day in her studio. There, she translates her immense creativity into, among other things, her Terres de rêves line for Serax. In natural shades that reference the earth, sky, and ocean, she continues to expand her dream world. Starting from something that she lacks, or as a creative protest against everyday objects that she simply does not find sufficiently attractive or useful, Anita Le Grelle brings ceramics to life. The refined appearance and the different layers of glaze characterise the entire line.

The colours of mountain landscapes, seas, caves, and icebergs



Terres de rêves, the dream world of Anita Le Grelle. What once started with a few ceramic plates and bowls has grown into an extensive collection of cups, mugs, plates, bowls and dishes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The imperfections in the multiple glazes of the square, rectangular, oval, and round objects contribute to their ‘earthly’ beauty. The colours reverberate the mountain landscapes, seas, caves, and icebergs of Anita Le Grelle’s dream landscape.

Terres De Rêves by Anita Le Grelle

Unique pieces ' square serving dishes'



When setting up her second studio in Brussels, Anita preferred not to use boring lighting above her work table. Instead, she took a colourful collection of bowls and pots from her Terres de rêves tableware collection for Serax. She punched holes in them, stacked them on top of each other, and added a lamp.

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