Aestic & Clean - Trend study by Francq Colors

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In this sober design language, we mainly find cooler materials such as metal, glass and stone.

Days without meat. A round of mineral water. No carbs. Plastic-free May. Have you noticed that more and more people define themselves by what they don't do more than by what they do? In our world of overabundance and constant temptation, saying "no" has become a powerful signal of willpower. And whoever shows willpower demonstrates status.“Fasting will become the new feasting,” say the British trendsetting food designer Bompas & Parr, and that philosophy also wins over our interiors. With Marie Kondo as a coach, we're moving towards a new aesthetic with fewer frills. However, these items are chosen wisely and often made of eco-industrial materials.

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Tactile shapes, soft colors and natural-looking fabrics
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Sillex vases by Sylvain Willenz

A new aesthetic with fewer frills

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The colour palette consists partly of cold colours with a lead role for light blue and green, but also warmer counterweights such as brown and copper.
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Mix of Aqua & Dusk Tableware
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Green/black marble table by Atelier Dialect

Items are chosen wisely

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Mix of materials, colors & shapes
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Vases in ceramic by Anita Le Grelle
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