Themes - Ideas for the bedroom

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Mix and match soft and hard materials for a contemporary look.

A bedroom should be a place of calmness and tranquility. After a long day at work, when you walk into your bedroom, you want it to be a mess-free sanctuary.
Be selective with what you bring into your bedroom space. Besides a comfortable bed you only need to select a few pieces of functional furniture that will help to declutter.
White is the perfect foil for a pairing of soft or muted tones like off-white, sand, grey or beige. A limited colour palette is key to a serene feel.

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With the Discus clothes rack, young Belgian designer Pepijn Tyvaert won a design competition co-organised by Serax.
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The Garbo table by Antonino Sciortino has been a best-seller for 10 years.

The bedroom is a place of calmness and tranquility.

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The stoneware cylinders created by resident designer Marie Michielssen form a surprising night stand.
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Carefully selected robust iron furniture from the collections by Bea Mombaers and Antonino Sciortino.
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The Stresa one-seater by Antonino Sciortino.
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A Curve table and duo seat in the corner.

Create the perfect mix of style and comfort.

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Elegant terrazzo tables by Antonino Sciortino.
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The mirror created by Bea Mombaers simply leans against the wall.

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