Easy ways to style your outdoor space

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August lounge chairs and table by Vincent Van Duysen.

We cherish spring and summer, when the sun is out and the doors to the terrace are wide open all we want to do is enjoy the sun, eat outside, and invite company. Everybody is getting their outdoor spaces ready for those sunny days. We want to share a few tips for how to create a perfect outdoor space with just a few elements: outdoor proof furniture, some pottery, eyecatching outdoor lighting and elegant tableware.

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Capizzi by René Barba.
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Fontainebleau by José Lévy.

Blend different elements

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Apricot Bench by Bea Mombaers, Pottery and Pawns by Marie Michielssens.
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Eaunophe lamps by Patrick Paris.
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Concrete lamps by Renate De Vos.
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Decorate an inviting table with elegant tableware.

Enjoy a sunny brunch outside 

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