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Designer Antonino Sciortino
Weight (kg) 5.500000
Colour black
Material iron
Height (cm) 150
Length (cm) 45
Width (cm) 12
Diameter (cm) 0
The 'silent servants' Holding On and Holding Back by Antonino Sciortino for Serax are textbook examples of the perfect balance between minimalism, functionality and craftsmanship. While Holding On is your ideal partner in the bathroom for your wet towels, Holding Back keeps your clothes wrinkle-free or holds on to your coat until you need it back to go outside.

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Antonino Sciortino

Antonino Sciortino

Antonino Sciortino

Antonino was born in Palermo. When he was just eight years old, he began to forge iron in his father’s studio. He particularly worked with ‘soft’ iron, which is relatively pliable and thus easier to work with. For Serax, he has designed an exclusive collection for a broader market. The side tables and iron bowls give off the feel of sculptures, and through their artistic finishing touches (painted with brushes and polished), they preserve the soul that Antonino aimed to give them. They will perfectly suit countless interiors thanks to their pure forms and ‘vintage’ tinted look and finish.

Design Process

Some people simply have art running through their veins. This is also the case with Antonino Sciortino. The former dancer/choreographer not only possesses an unbridled imagination, he has also mastered the art of simplicity and style. The latter is certainly strongly represented in the Terrazzo collection. The flawlessly forged bases of the collection of tables and side tables are a reflection of his traditional craftsmanship. The unique and quirky look of the terrazzo tabletop takes you back to fifteenth-century Venice.

Antonino Sciortino
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