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PJ Mares

PJ Mares

PJ Mares

The design duo behind PJ MARES Tom Mares and Peter-Jan (PJ) Scherpereel. PJ MARES creates their own collection of discerning, timeless design and interiors. They are inspired by natural and warm materials such as wood, steel, marble and leather, that are meant to age beautifully. Through their work, PJ MARES tries to find a new synthesis between functionality, heritage and design, “The logic of the Scandinavians and the sexiness of the Italians”, as Tom would describe it. With their simplicity, vision, feeling for materials and composition, PJ MARES creates stunning pieces. All of this translates in that everything is designed for use and not only for display. All the pieces that PJ MARES creates only become more beautiful over time. This ‘design for use’ philosophy ensures timeless and iconic products, while still feeling very contemporary.

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