Curve by Sylvain Willenz

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Curve by Sylvain Willenz

Watching television for hours? That is not what the CURVE sofa was made for. This sofa feels comfortable in the role of an additional sofa, for reading a book or catching up with emails. “I am particularly fond of the contrast between angular and round, between hard and soft,” says Willenz. “The steel frame of the CURVE sofa is very simple, and quite square too. That is in stark contrast to the thick, round cushion that covers it.” This combination makes it easy for CURVE to adapt to its surroundings. “I can see the sofa in both a very playful environment, in all kinds of colours, and in an office.” The CURVE 1-seater is available with and without armrests. The sofas are accompanied by a side table with a marble or steel tabletop and an ottoman to further enhance seating comfort.


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