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A home office according to Serax includes minimalist, timeless furniture and lots of plants. Plants are known to have a calming effect on people, so add them abundantly.

Since technology enables us to work where and when we want, we’re seeing a rise in home office fit outs. The idea of working at the kitchen table is being redefined: we see a movement towards dedicated spaces for work, even if it it is just a tiny desk in the corner of your living space. What is important is that it feels right, both physically and mentally. After all, your home is a destination to unwind, not to stress out.
Choose materials and colours that blend in nicely with your interior.
Work where you have daylight and a view outside, preferably facing a garden or terrace. Or by lack of a green environment, bring nature inside.
Place your desk at a 90 degree angle to the window.
Good light is a prerequisite for a good workplace. In low light, reading is annoying and the eyes tire quickly. So make sure there is enough light on your desk.

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Efficient working starts at the workplace, because a tidy desk can work wonders in terms of productivity.
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Work lamp from the Sofisticato range by Koen Van Guijze.

Colors & materials in robust, slightly unfinished textures

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Vinyl Vinyl is a contemporary version of the traditional classroom chair.
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Ideal for small spaces, the James wall desk by Marie Michielssen.
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James wall desk and trolley by Marie Michielssen.
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Sophisticated Sanba table and chair by PJ Mares.

Provide enough space. At least 10 square meters is perfect.

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