Marie Michielssen X Edouard Vermeulen

At the invitation of art lover Edouard Vermeulen from Natan, Marie Michielssen, who is known for her designs for Serax, but actually also paints and sculpts, worked on a new series of sculptures over the last couple of months. Windows of Hope is an ode to the positivity that is always present, even in confusing times. During the vernissage on October 1st the works were sold to support the Kinderarmoedefonds, a local charity fighting against child poverty. As from October 5 you will be able to admire the sculptures in the 8 Natan boutiques.

Windows of Hope sculptures sold to support the child poverty fund


New CURVE collection by Sylvain Willenz

The CURVE series is a complementary seating collection. A perfect addition to the living room, just right for a relaxed conversation, or to open the laptop, or read a book.


“I am particularly fond of the contrast between angular and round, between hard and soft,” says Willenz.



"In my work you can always spot two different styles."

In this short video, in-house designer Marie Michielssen talks about her work for Serax and her both rational and intuitive nature that shapes her designs.


"My work brings out emotions in people."


Japanese simplicity translated into new Inku tableware and glassware

It was the Japanese sense of sophistication and imperfect perfection that top chef Sergio Herman wanted to infuse into the brand new Inku tableware. It's tableware with clear references to shell shapes, blossoms and the abstract structures of nature. "With Inku tableware, we can not only decorate the plate nicely but complete tables with blossoms in ceramics," says Herman.


"The pure beauty lies in the details."

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Best interior designer of the year

Elle Decoration has proclaimed Belgian architect and interior designer Vincent Van Duysen Best interior designer of the year. Congratulations to Vincent and his team for this well-earned achievement!


"Winning this important award means a lot to me!"


Outdoor furniture shoot at the Belgian coast

A perfect location for shooting some highlights of the Serax outdoor collection? Where else than Knokke, Bea Mombaers' second home town. About ten years ago, Bea Mombaers extended her recognisable signature style to a conceptual design bed & breakfast in Knokke Zoute, where she created an inspirational experience for interior design enthusiasts and peace seekers.


Bea's coherent outdoor collection is inspired by her B&B's eclectic house style


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