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Roger van Damme

Roger van Damme

Roger van Damme

Roger van Damme is a renowned pastry chef. Born and raised in the Netherlands, but since the opening of his Antwerp lunch-lounge restaurant Het Gebaar, he is particularly highly praised in Belgium. Even though, thanks to television appearances and the unwavering reputation of his desserts in Het Gebaar, known to the general public for his sweet creations, in 2010 van Damme was awarded a Michelin star for the full lunch experience in his restaurant.


But the star chef doesn't rest on his laurels. Last year he bought the iconic business "Désirée de Lille" in Antwerp to offer a completely new total sweet experience to the general public by the end of 2020. All of that in the form of a brasserie, a high-tea business and a shop. Of course, this includes the appropriate Désirée tableware.

Roger van Damme
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