Furniture by Bea Mombaers

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Furniture by Bea Mombaers

Bea Mombaers: "The idea to launch a line of lounge sofas grew very organically, similar to the way it happened with the handbags. I was looking for an utterly sober sofa with an invisible framework for the B&B. It had to look like a floating seat element with only cushions, in which the frame would completely disappear. Eventually, I ended up ordering a customised prototype for my size. The result was a low oval one-seater of 90 by 90 centimetres with a heavy metal frame and extra thick cushions in a weather-resistant material. I love taking indoor life outdoors and vice versa. The Bea Mombaers for Serax sofa collection includes a two-seater, a three-seater and a pouffe in the same size as the one-seater. All models are produced in black aluminium for better manoeuvrability and equipped with soft, light fawn-coloured cushions that are resistant to all weather conditions. By combining and configuring the various elements, you can create your own seating isle without restrictions."


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