Inku knives by Sergio Herman

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Inku knives

Inku knives by Sergio Herman

For a chef, a quality knife set is part of the basic equipment in the kitchen. But an aesthete like Sergio Herman looks at the whole picture: not only is the quality of the steel important, so is the design. He drew a lot of inspiration from his trips to Japan, both for his dishes and for the development of the Inku tableware line for Serax. A sense of refinement, the wabi-sabi aesthetic and references to nature are qualities that appeal to him greatly and that form the basis for Inku. It is therefore logical that he took typical Japanese knives as the starting point for his new knife set. The shape of the cook’s knife, paring knife, steak knife and peeler has been perfected for chefs: the blade is perfectly bevelled so that you can always see the tip of the knife when cutting, and the handle fits the hand perfectly. The blade is made from laminated steel. Whereas Japanese knives usually have a black blade, Sergio has chosen grey steel. This makes it easier to see how the steel is layered. For the handle, he opted for cherry wood, which is very popular in Japan.

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