Lighting by Marie Michielssen

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Lighting by Marie Michielssen

Marie Michielssen: “I like to work graphically, with a combination of clean lines. But I also like extremes, and I love exploring the boundaries of organic forms. In doing so, I let my intuition guide me completely.” With her Sculpture Lamp, the Antwerp designer translated one of her artworks into a beautiful and functional lighting object. Entirely led by her intuition, she modelled the plaster by hand into an organic frame. A simple, white socket at the end of a fabric-covered cable hangs loosely from the inside, creating an atmosphere of warm light. The irregular lines of the sculpture generate a unique shadow play. In her Disc Lamp, artist and designer Marie Michielssen merges contrasting materials. The combination of the hard and cold characteristics of the concrete, spread over three robust discs, and the soft fabric of the lampshade and the warm light gives the Disc Lamp a unique appearance. The lamp is 48 cm high, the shade has a diameter of 32 cm. Thanks to the repetition of the cylindrical shape, the lamp looks timeless and architectural.


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