Surface tableware by Sergio Herman

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Surface tableware

Surface tableware by Sergio Herman

Sergio Herman (1970) has inherited his love for cookery from his father, with whom he worked side by side at the ‘Oud Sluis’ restaurant for several years, before taking it over entirely in 1990. There, he brought to life the fresh high-quality products from the polders and the waters of Zeeland, thereby laying the foundation of what would become an unparalleled ‘wow’ kitchen, and would eventually earn him 3 Michelin stars. In 2013, Sergio decided to close the doors of the ‘Oud Sluis’ restaurant, because it was limiting him in his quest for development and evolution. In 2010, he opened his second business: Pure C Bar & Restaurant in Cadzand-Bad, and in 2014 he opened his latest innovative, contemporary restaurant, ‘The Jane’, a former chapel of a military hospital in Antwerp. With this latest project, Sergio proved once and for all, that food really is his religion.


Other designs by Sergio Herman

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