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Bea Mombaers

Bea Mombaers

Bea Mombaers

Ever since she was a young girl, Bea Mombaers had dreamed of pursuing her fascination for unusual finds and unique objects for a professional career. From a passionate seeker of things, she grew into one of the foremost women on the Belgian art and design scene. Over the past twenty years, her unrivalled sense of atmosphere and attention to detail have rewarded her with a widespread international reputation as an interior stylist with a prestigious portfolio, and publications in several leading lifestyle magazines. Her lifestyle boutique 'Items' in Knokke is known to be the number one reference for exclusive collector's items and coups de cœurs. About ten years ago, Bea Mombaers extended her recognisable signature style to a conceptual design bed & breakfast in Knokke Zoute, where she created an inspirational experience for interior design enthusiasts and peace seekers. The successful B&B gave Bea the idea to inject her DNA into the extensive Furniture by Bea Mombaers collection that was launched in 2018. Indoor and outdoor lounge sofas, comfortable bean bags, graphic black steel wall racks, atmospheric lighting, decorative mirrors, sturdy concrete trays, and contemporary bistro and side tables, all of them statement pieces that stand out in in every room. A number of collections followed in recent years, which makes Bea Mombaers one of the principal designers for Serax.

Design process

The collection of handwoven rugs by Bea Mombaers are inspired by the Oriental kelim: a flat, wool rug originally woven by nomads. For this, they developed compact portable looms that they could easily set up in their tents. Bea's rugs are produced following the same principles, with the same looms and techniques. Each piece is handwoven in Iran, traditionally a source of highly qualitative rugs, by local craftsmen at home and therefore does not come from a workshop or factory. That makes every rug a unique piece, but also a sustainable product.

Bea Mombaers
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