Surface by Sergio Herman at Pine House


Pine House in Cadzand serves breakfast on Surface tableware


When the early risers are meditating on the beach and surfers are trying to control the early morning North Sea waves, another buzz starts in Pine House, Strandhotel’s breakfast restaurant. This is the ultimate place to be for the slow starters who treasure their breakfast ritual just as much as their culinary experience from the evening before.

Pine House Cadzand

The best place in Cadzand to start the day

Under the supervision of Sergio Herman, Pine House offers an extensive breakfast buffet with fresh, local products and a unique selection of sweet pastries from the pastry chef’s own bakery.

Surface serveware
Breakfast restaurant in Strandhotel

Pine House welcomes hotel guests, local residents and passers-by.

Pine House

A warm and airy interior with an abundance of natural light

Surface cupsSharing good times with Surface tableware
Surface cookwareCosmopolitan and at the same time down-to-earth
The Pine House in CadzandA dream destination for foodies

Surface for Serax cookware by Sergio Herman

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